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Your sourcing expert of medical equipment and consumables in Scandinavia…


Protective masks

We provide all types of protective face gear with different levels of protection against bacteria, viruses and particles.

Examination Gloves

Here you can find powder free examination gloves made of nitrile, vinyl and other materials.

Medical clothing

Eir Medsupply has a large assortment of medical protective clothing and special equipment for the medical industry.


We supply hand sanitizers, disinfectants and other types of products for disinfecting hands, clothes and surfaces.

Medical equipment

We deliver high quality medical equipment to companies, governmental organisations and hospitals in Scandinavia.

Secure access

EIR directly connects you the buyer with medical equipment manufacturers across the world.

Trade efficiently

You can choose smaller orders or larger volumes – EIR helps you to find the most optimal solution.

Optimal freight options

Boat, airplane, train – we help you find the quickest and the most cost-effective freight option.

About EIR Medsupply

At EIR Medsupply we are always working on finding unique and high quality medical products that can contribute to medical institutions in Scandinavia, as well as protect the medical personnel and patients from infectious diseases. We cooperate with manufacturers all over the world to offer our customers certified high quality products.
Our company has a team in China that visits factories and ensures that our suppliers have approved documentation and test reports as well as CE certification. We provide our customer with the necessary documentation upon request.

Our products are CE certified and manufactured in accordance with European standards…